Career Highlights

  • Led the North American Solution Engineering space for Flexera – Led a team of solution engineers through a time of transformation for the company and products. Exceeded our target by 50% in that time.
  • Broke into a new region for Xentaurs – Working in both a sales and technical capacity broke Xentaurs into a new region expanding footprint and adding 20% to company growth
  • Grew North American sales at Hyperlync from 10% to 95% of total revenue – several large fortune 100 companies added as customers and propelled the US region to be 95% of the total income for the company.
  • Invented 3 of Hyperlync Technologies’ flagship products – a mobile content transfer solution, a backup solution, and a hardware media player – which enabled a 500% increase in revenues and accounted for 80%+ of all new business. 
  • Product Owner for Verizon Cloud – designed and set direction for the Verizon Cloud product.  The first cloud product for the company which successfully began the cloud journey for Verizon customers. 
  • Led virtualization for Verizon Wireless’s datacenter operations – including driving mass virtualization, migrating datacenters to more commercially viable areas, and establishing standards for technology selection.


Manager of Solution Engineering North America

February 2021-Current

Doing my part to bring customers superior intelligence to respond to threats and get value from the data in their enterprise with a best in class solution.

Manager of Solution Engineering North America

May 2019–Jan 2021

Entered the company as a Sr. Solution Engineer.  Within 3 months became a team lead, and 3 months after that Manager of the group. 

  • Closed deals and led as player coach across multiple product spaces for 15 solution engineers.
  • Closed several record breaking deals in the cloud and licensing space of the company
  • Top scoring manager in the organization in annual survey
  • Improved overall output of the solution engineering group by 25% via automation
  • Recognized as MVP new employee 2019
  • Became SME within 3 months on the cloud product lines

Technical Account Manager

Nov 2018–April 2019

Ran sales for the North East for a CI/CD focused company.  Managed a team of delivery resources to deliver engagements to clients.  Served as Account Manager, Solution Engineer for the North East. 

  • Broke into the North East region, increasing from 0 customers to an increase of 60% revenue for the company
  • Defined Sales Process for the North East
  • Forged new partnerships with partners in the region

Vice President of Operations and Sales

Apr 2012–Nov 2018

Lead operations and sales for North America and South America reporting to the CEO.  Managed a global team of 100+ resources.  Served as both a technical resource to clients as well as executive contact.

  • Invented and Designed 3 of the cloud-based solutions for the company.
  • Grew sales and customer base by 160% through client acquisition and successful implementation.
  • Maintained 100% retention of employees during my tenure
  • Led design and development team, and participated in modernization of products to cloud native technologies

Cloud Product Owner/Vendor Strategy Lead/Datacenter Operations/Developer/Test Team Lead (Multiple Positions)


Had a long tenure at Verizon of over 10 years.  Multiple roles many of which were under the direction of the CIO.

  • Reduced overall vendor spend, and designed business processes to facilitate vendor contact acquisitions and software saving 33% yearly.
  • Designed and owned the Verizon Cloud consumer product.  Project was failing previously brought in to correct, and launched successfully in 6 months.  Still in use today.
  • Led the virtualization efforts across all Verizon datacenters while simultaneously developing the CI/CD process.  Led to a 72% reduction of spend in the first year, and improved product development time by over 60%
  • Built order processing automation system from the ground up resulting in approx. 1 million in savings in the first year.
  • Defined infrastructure and hardware vendor strategy

Abbreviated Skill List

  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • AWS/Azure
  • Selling/Account Management
  • Process Architecture
  • Enterprise Technology Design
  • Consumer Product Design
  • Extensive Code Development Skills
  • Web Services/API Integration
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Datacenter Operations
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking


Sample Past Customer List